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Alexis Crowell, IOT Marketing Global Lead, Data Platforms Group, Intel



I caught up with with Alexis Crowell, IOT Marketing Global Lead for Data Platforms Group at Intel Corporation, to talk about the latest news, trends, insights and offerings from Intel in the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Edge market sectors globally.

Our conversation kicks off with Alexis sharing some fun anecdotes and insights into her early life, her academic and working career path, and how she came to be with Intel and her amazing role.

Alexis then gives us an amazing 30,000 foot view outline of what Intel is seeing regarding current macro trends around AI at the Edge, with some of the current macro trends regarding AI at the Edge.

In particular we delve into some of the challenges Alexis sees as being the next frontier of enterprise transformation, how Data-driven experiences – AI from data centers, to software, to outer edges of the networks, and how Data and compute closest to the point of interaction will transform data driven decision making, and some of the challenges around bridging people, business and things for enhanced experiences, and what it takes to offer improved automation and cost savings.

We then delve into work Intel are doing currently and Alexis offers us a view of some of the trends across various markets regarding adoption, challenges and opportunities with AI at the Edge. Specifically we discuss enterprise adoption and the need for Edge Computing, the need for actionable insights.

We also discuss challenges presented by issues such as network bottlenecks, latency, and the mounting issues raised by increasing demand for bandwidth and ever increasing network demands as devices continue to generate increasingly vast volumes of data, increasing needs for full end-to-end infrastructure and designs, comprehensive security, data regulation, and overall cohesive management of all of these environments and systems / networks / platforms and more.

Alexis walks us through Intel’s customer approach as far as how organisations should go about turning data into actionable insights, some of the challenges around turning data into action, how Intel’s Gen 3 Intel Movidius VPUs and Intel Scalable Processor platforms are helping with these challenges – where solutions like OpenVINO are helping. We also discuss the latest news around Intel AI Builders, and Intel Selection Solutions for AI, about Federated Learning, and Alexis shares a recent related customer story around GE Healthcare and work they are doing with medical data, imaging and analytics to process data from MRI machines, and where Deep Learning is playing part in this success story.

We wrap up with Alexis sharing her thoughts and advice around what decision makers be considering in their approach to leveraging “AI at the Edge” over the next 12 to 18 months.

Tune in now for all of these amazing topics and more.

This podcast was made in partnership with Intel.

For more information please visit:

– Intel IoT Solutions web portal:
– Intel Xeon® Scalable processors:
– Intel Atom® P processors:
– 5G Technology Overview:

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Tech Solutions leader Cyient set to acquire Singapore-based Grit Consulting



cyient acquires grit consulting

Global Technology Solutions leader Cyient Ltd. have announced they are set to complete a USD$37 acquisition of Singapore-based firm Grit Consulting, a business with deep-rooted consulting expertise in asset-intensive industries like metal mining and energy. Grit Consulting has approx. 100 employees and consultants, and reported a turnover of USD$18.1 million in the financial year of 2022.

Cyient’s acquisition of Grit Consulting is expected to be completed on or before 5 May 2022, and will enable Cyient customers to tap into both Grit’s deep expertise and Cyient’s technology solutions capabilities, empowering Cyient to further their consulting-led, industry-centric, technology solutions growth aspirations.

This latest investment by Cyient follows closely on the heels of their previous EU$94 million acquisition of American headquartered plant and product engineering services company Citec, its largest acquisition to date, the largest outbound acquisition by an Indian engineering services company on record to date.

“We are expanding our Cyient Consulting practice with this investment. It aligns with our consulting-led growth strategy, and we see great synergies across talent, footprint, and customers. With Grit Consulting’s expertise in business transformation and our technology solutions capabilities, we can deliver strategic outcomes for our customers.”, said Cyient’s Managing Director and CEO, Krishna Bodanapu.

Jeremy Brown, Founding Partner, Grit Consulting stated “We are extremely honored to be acquired by Cyient and see enormous synergies in supporting our customers given Cyient’s international reach and technology capabilities”.

Mr Brown went on to say “We believe that this coming-together of Cyient’s technology solutions and our innovative socio-technical design consulting approaches will further strengthen our capabilities to enable sustainable performance improvements and cultural enhancement across the organization.”

Additionally this investment provides Cyient access to new customer portfolios and leverages customer, geographic, and talent synergies of both businesses, to enable expansion and deepen Cyient’s mining industry footprint.

“As we forge ahead on our path to be leading consulting-led, industry-centric, global technology solutions provider, the capabilities of Grit Consulting and our consulting practice will be of greater strategic value to our customers in their digital transformation journey.”, said Meenu Bagla, CMO of Cyient.

This acquisition seems well-timed in light of a recently published Global Management Consulting Services Market Report from BusinessWire, which estimates the global management consulting services market to reach USD$1.2 trillion by the year 2025.

Full release here:

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 NextGen Networks Transforms Enterprise Business: CXOCyience​ 2



I recently got the privilege of hosting one live-stream event, second in this exciting series, with the fantastic team at Cyient.


#CXOCyience​ – #DesigningAConnectedTomorrow​ – Livestream #2

Designing Networks of Tomorrow –  NextGen Networks Transforms Enterprise Business


This discussion on enterprise business transformation is a talk you can’t afford to miss! During this Livestream, I found this opportunity to talk with two executives & experts, Ray Achemedei and Aashu Virmani. They shared their unique viewpoints on personal networks occurring across enterprises and how 5G and other arising technologies play a role.


A little to know about the featured guests for this conversation:


+ Ray Archimedes: General Manager, Technology & Digital Transformation, at Horizon Power

+ Aashu Virmani: Vice President & Client Partner, Communications at Cyient


The list of the topics for this event comprises:

+ What is 5G, and how it is suitable for enterprise transformation

+ Different architectures enterprises can feel when executing private networks

+ Traditional mechanisms of feasibility survey and LiDAR based surveys and virtual walkouts

+ Enterprise use cases enhanced and made attainable by 5g private network




The advent of Next Generation Networks, a converged private network across enterprises built on top of 5g enterprise private network, allows new business opportunities on many fronts, making innovative business models possible as new use cases arise for Consumers and Enterprises.


We see more and more opportunities for organisations to transform themselves into Enterprise Business Models by integrating Next Generation Networks and converged networks, adopting new operating models, and using the technologies behind Next Generation Networks and converged networks.


As private networks are implemented, enterprises can now consider a wide range of architectures, and a number previously thought of as the sole province of telcos and carriers are now available to enterprise customers over the spectrum ( pun intended ).


The goal is now to build it right and ‘intelligently’ for the very first time so that operation & management becomes valuable and perfect.


Organizations must find the best possible Partner of Choice to support them if they desire to achieve such transformative outcomes. It is not a generally core business for most organizations to operate, implement, or manage Next Generation Networks.


Market Update “mini-keynote”:

To initiate this “hour of power” well, Aashu Virmani from Cyient, shared a “mini-keynote” style Market Update. The update is all about Enterprise Business Transformation and Next Generation Networks along with the fresh news and insights from the company.


Vital topics from the Panel section:

+ Topic #1:

At the very first, we discussed what 5G is, 5g enterprise private network and how it benefits enterprise transformation. Experts speak about industry 4.0 being enabled by 5G; what are some of the key abilities 5G private network offers, which make it appealing for Enterprises.
+ Topic #2:

Private networks can be implemented using various Next Generation Network architectures with a variety of design patterns that can be deployed in this space – for example:

  1. Completely Air Gapped private networks.
  2. Private locally hubbed Networks with the least external connectivity ( Mobile Edge Compute ).
  3.  CSP network’s densified versions for industrial use cases

    + Topic #3:

Are there any use case or ROI opportunities in the Utilities, Port & Rail, and Energy market segments that organizations should look for when addressing Next Generation Networks and Business Operations Transformation?


Check out the video and do not miss this riveting discussion I had on Enterprise Business Transformation through Next-Generation Networks with Ray and Aashu.


The video was created in collaboration with Cyient.

To get details on containers, visit:

Cyient homepage: 
Cyient communications webportal: 
Cyient network services webportal: 



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Business Continuity

Dez Talk With Martha Delehanty, Chief People Officer, Commvault



I got this great chance to talk with Martha Delehanty, Chief People Officer, Commvault. We discussed her fantastic journey, her career path, roles, and responsibilities. She also shared, what she and the company have had through in the year 2020, and how thrilling it is to begin the exciting new role with a fantastic company like Commvault when the #COVID19 global pandemic captured the world and brought a wide range of difficulties that arrived with such an extraordinary event.

When I joined Commvault just before COVID19 hit North America, the company was already undergoing significant changes – a new CEO and other leadership changes, the acquisition of Hedvig, a startup inside the company known as Metallic, driving continued innovation and plenty more. She shared what the path was like bearing in mind she came in to assist people in transforming while praising 20-year heritage.

She describes how, upon joining the company, she was focused on progressing the company’s Inclusion & Diversity initiatives, but within days of joining the company, everyone was given the task of addressing the pandemic and giving importance to key fundamentals like patient care. She told how she managed new challenges while working remotely, stress, childcare/education, self-care reinforcement, flexibility, while staying attentive to and balancing consumer needs, empowered my team to deliver, and more.

We discuss broadly the emergence of the COVID19 pandemic & the challenges it brought with it, in light of the fact that Commvault is a global company, and as such, they noticed COVID19 rise from day one as it appeared in China, made its way through South East Asia,  EMEA, A/NZ, the UK, and into the Americas, and how that played out in their world as they addressed the primary challenges to hold people safe, ensure they could run the company as well as help their global ecosystem of partners,  integrators, resellers, and consumers.

In addition, we discuss the varying degrees of status quo as a Global company, Commvault continues to operate its business while dealing with COVID19. The fact that the company is keeping its own servers operational and offers training and support to its customers, partners, resellers, integrators. She shared what she thinks are the key success factors that not only saw the business “get through it” as it were but do so very successfully for both Commvault and the global ecosystem of businesses they invest in beyond their own company.

In conclusion, we discussed the vital question of where to go from here and how the ideal world will seem post-2020. We now enter the third quarter of 2020; as we approach the impending Christmas season, organisations of all kinds, shapes, and sizes are now facing the challenge of another potentially catastrophic event associated with people and operations. – I ask Martha 

“What does an ideal world look like post 2020 and what steps can organisations take to achieve such a state operationally?”.

The episode concludes with a little Crystal Ball gazing as I question Martha if she were to offer any piece of guidance to peers in parallel markets or industries as they look ahead to the 12 to 18 months through 2021 and beyond, what would she say?

It was a very nice discussion, and certainly, it is one not to be forgotten.

Check out now for the details of all such topics and more.

To get to know more about Commvault please visit:

Commvault homepage:
Metallic homepage:
Metallic offering via Azure Marketplace:

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