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In Conversation With Val Bercovici, Founder & CEO, Chainkit



I had the delight of talking to Val Bercovici, the founder & CEO at Chainkit, a Software-as-a-Service company that assembles cyber security solutions with a corporate assignment to eradicate sightless holes in cyber security and data privacy.

Today, we discuss Chainkit & Data Protection, what is chain of custody, and Blockchains – cases CXOs are far-fetched to have ever encountered in their careers while currently having no option.

#1 – Ransomware incidents and Cyberattacks are constantly increasing

We discuss what is ransomware cyber attack and how these incidents have been increasing significantly. We started with Val presenting his take on the present state of what seems to be a swell of new challenges in cybersecurity incidents and subsequent ransomware incidents, specifically focused on the healthcare industry, which was specified to transpire because the world is haggling with a global pandemic, cybercriminals are never lagging to take the edge of prospect where chinks in the armour emerge in any place they can witness a route to profit from any security vulnerability.

#2 – The massive impact of COVID19 and life before and after 2022

COVID19 has had a tremendous impact but didn’t this problem exist before 2022, so extensively so that I don’t believe anyone would contend that the effect the global pandemic has had is past influential concerning the growth in data security & cybersecurity, be it the evolution to Work From Home for multiple, or the augmented shift to Mobile technology in the likes of infirmaries, retail, and service sectors as a whole. Additionally, cybersecurity threat and ransomware have been around for decades, irrespective of the hazards and impacts around this space. In Val’s perspective, we confer how the existing state of the globe has altered the geography of data security and digital threat and what you witness as you spend time with communities faced with the requirement to respond.

#3 – Are we on the verge now where technology lives to decode this problem

Cybersecurity threats in healthcare, cyberattack, ransomware, data risk and data security aren’t new issues, nor are they new threats. However, they have noticed significant gains due to our pivot to communities being Data-Driven. We reside in an immensely Always On, Always Affiliated world – so the tremendous growth in risks linked to the tremendous growth of the attack surface should come as no lure to anyone, but the query I keep earning in boardrooms is “is there a solution to this, does the technology exist to solve it?” – I question Val to probe into this, we split this into two subparts.

We begin with the first half, and I request Val for his riff on this, i.e., should it be interpreted as snare when it comes to increasing cyber incidents to any bonafide business or tech expert. 

And to the subsequent part, I question Val if the technology exists today to handle and decode the issues of clamping & safeguarding data and, in the subject of prosperous hacks, hold the chain of custody in cyber security, as it’s anointed, to be able to chase and delineate the trespasser.

We again wrap up with little crystal orb goggling, as alliances are now enclosing to steer their way out of 2021 and mitigate into 2022 as we make it through the long and immensely challenging year, safely getting it through the auspicious Christian holiday term Christmas and unexplored waters.

After that, I invited Val to share his view and suggestion around how communities should equip themselves to manage the near future as they scrutinize to improvise business & technology approaches & subsidizing plans for the next 12 to 18 months?

To listen to our detailed conversation, make sure you tune in and enjoy a significant fireside conversation with one of the most ingenious thinkers in cyber security. Certainly, one of the greatest influences in thought administration in the war against cybercrime.

This podcast was made in partnership with Chainkit.

For more information please visit:

Chainkit website:


Current AI and Mobility Industry Trends with Nik Scharman



I caught up with Nik Scharmann, Project Director, Economy Of Things with Bosch, while I was in Berlin, to chat about the Bosch Connected World 2019, his role working on Distributed Ledger Technology, current trends in the Connected Mobility industry, AI, ML, the Bosch Centre for AI his insights on where we are heading over the next 12 to 18 months and beyond. For more info visit

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SIBOS 2018 Conference in Sydney: Enabling the digital economy



Sibos 2018 Conference - Enabling Digital Economy

This year Sibos takes place at the International Convention Center (ICC) in Sydney, through October 23rd, 24th and 25th – the third time the event has been hosted in Sydney Australia, and it feels like the perfect stage as Sibos turns 40.

I’m attending Sibos with the IBMz and LinuxONE teams, to capture & publish key content each day via Digital & Social media, around IBM’s presence at Sibos 2018, as they share insights and information through demos, keynotes & panels, about IBM’s solutions and offerings to address innovation & the pace of change across the financial ecosystem.

The core message from IBM this year is that they have both the platforms and people to help organisations address the complexities of today’s competitive landscape, whether it be payments, regulatory compliance, automation, blockchain, addressing cyber or moving to cloud.

Sibos 2018 brings financial leaders together to network, collaborate and find solutions to industry challenges. IBM have in fact thrown out a challenge for you to bring them your toughest challenges to solve together.

What does Enabling the Digital Economy mean?

The event theme for 2018 is “Enabling the digital economy”, which reflects the far-reaching transformation of banks and other financial service providers as they adjust to the realities of a digital world.

What does Enabling the Digital Economy mean? In IBM’s world the phrase pertains to:

  • Driving Service innovation & business model renewal through data & new technologies
  • New paradigms & technologies for information sharing to tackle financial crime
  • Tackling the widening cybersecurity challenge in the digital economy
  • Adapting to evolving geopolitical and regulatory priorities

With its focus on innovation across the financial services sector, thriving FinTech scene and world-class infrastructure, if you are involved in the Financial Services Industry in any way shape or form, Sibos 2018 in Sydney Australia is very much an event not to miss.

To learn more about Find out more about the Sibos 2018 conference, speakers, sessions, how to register, the venue & the city of Sydney make sure you take a minute now to:

If you are at Sibos in Sydney “tag” me, let’s meet up. If you are not in Sydney for Sibox 2018 “ping” me with anything you’d like me to cover.

I’m looking forward to either seeing you at Sibos in person, or to engaging with you via social media through Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Instagram TV, and YouTube.

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IBM Think, Australia 2018: IBM Quantum Computing & Blockchain



#ThinkAU 2018 – Think Australia highlights – Talking Quantum Computing with Rupert Colchester, head of Blockchain and practice leader at IBM Australia and New Zealand, about Blockchain and what IBM is doing in the space of Distributed Ledgers, and what’s on the horizon.


Events I will be covering in 2019 include:

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