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Brian Townshend, GM Omni Retail, Super Retail Group, Retail Leaders Forum 2021



I had the pleasure of interviewing Talking with Brian Townshend, General Manager of Omni Retail for Super Retail Group, at the 2021 Retail Leaders Forum in Sydney at the International Conventional Centre on April 28th.

Brian Townshend On Introduction to Super Retail Group

We kicked off with an overview from Brian of his role, and an introduction to Australasian retailer, Super Retail Group, parent company of Rebel, Super Cheap Auto, BCF and Macpac.

Brian then goes on to share insights into to the journey their organisation was undertaking leading up to the end of 2019 as part of a refocus on online ecommerce through their online customer experience and resulting fulfilment solution.

Brian then continues to explain how, as a result of various pandemic mitigation measures, online sales of home fitness and outdoor leisure exploded in Australia in 2020, resulting in Super Retail Group increasing ecommerce sales by 87 percent to $237 million in the second half of 2020.

He tells us that as a result, in an effort to meet this surge in online orders and meet their customer promise around delivery, they fast-tracked the roll-out of Manhattan Associates’ omnichannel solution in a remote, socially distanced manner, and that the resulting solution achieved significant fulfilment savings per order, from day one of operation.

Brian walks us through who when COVID-19 fully hit and many businesses were consolidating projects, Super Retail Group actually sped up the deployment of Manhattan Active Omni and that it offered them a single window of visibility and availability of stock across their entire supply chain network.

We delve into the details of their successful long term relationship with Manhattan Associates, and details around the Manhattan solution, it’s ease of implementation, and how it is highly adaptable and responsive.

Brian goes on to explain how even implementing it virtually and operating throughout the challenges of COVID-19, the new system has been able to accommodate major order and fulfilment routing changes within minutes, and how with the new system, Super Retail Group were able to change their fulfilment logic and immediately reduce fulfilment costs, even achieving their 12-month goal on day one, which is a remarkable result.

This is a conversation not to be missed, tune in now or all of this and more.

This interview was made in partnership with Manhattan Associates.


SIBOS 2018 Conference in Sydney: Enabling the digital economy



Sibos 2018 Conference - Enabling Digital Economy

This year Sibos takes place at the International Convention Center (ICC) in Sydney, through October 23rd, 24th and 25th – the third time the event has been hosted in Sydney Australia, and it feels like the perfect stage as Sibos turns 40.

I’m attending Sibos with the IBMz and LinuxONE teams, to capture & publish key content each day via Digital & Social media, around IBM’s presence at Sibos 2018, as they share insights and information through demos, keynotes & panels, about IBM’s solutions and offerings to address innovation & the pace of change across the financial ecosystem.

The core message from IBM this year is that they have both the platforms and people to help organisations address the complexities of today’s competitive landscape, whether it be payments, regulatory compliance, automation, blockchain, addressing cyber or moving to cloud.

Sibos 2018 brings financial leaders together to network, collaborate and find solutions to industry challenges. IBM have in fact thrown out a challenge for you to bring them your toughest challenges to solve together.

What does Enabling the Digital Economy mean?

The event theme for 2018 is “Enabling the digital economy”, which reflects the far-reaching transformation of banks and other financial service providers as they adjust to the realities of a digital world.

What does Enabling the Digital Economy mean? In IBM’s world the phrase pertains to:

  • Driving Service innovation & business model renewal through data & new technologies
  • New paradigms & technologies for information sharing to tackle financial crime
  • Tackling the widening cybersecurity challenge in the digital economy
  • Adapting to evolving geopolitical and regulatory priorities

With its focus on innovation across the financial services sector, thriving FinTech scene and world-class infrastructure, if you are involved in the Financial Services Industry in any way shape or form, Sibos 2018 in Sydney Australia is very much an event not to miss.

To learn more about Find out more about the Sibos 2018 conference, speakers, sessions, how to register, the venue & the city of Sydney make sure you take a minute now to:

If you are at Sibos in Sydney “tag” me, let’s meet up. If you are not in Sydney for Sibox 2018 “ping” me with anything you’d like me to cover.

I’m looking forward to either seeing you at Sibos in person, or to engaging with you via social media through Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Instagram TV, and YouTube.

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